Civil Engineering Program

  • Civil Engineering Program is provided by Department of Civil Engineering. Granted degree name is Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Student who don’t follow this program can earn “Bachelor of Science in Engineering” “Civil Engineering Program” is provided for day class students only.
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  • Classes are opened 42 grades for cultural studies & basic required subjects, 138 grades for majors. However students are required to complete over 140 grades include 48 grades of cultural studies & basic required subjects and 54 grades of major.
  • Semesters are made up of spring and fall semester, 15 weeks for each semester. Summer and Winter semester are also provided. This program has been provided since 2005 by the operating committee. Most curriculums are implemented in lecture room, laboratory and computer room.
  • Program name: Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Student: Regular freshmen who satisfy qualification standard of certification program
  • All students, who entered this depatment after 2012, must follow this program.